51% – Phantastic Music by Women Composers

51% – a work in progress

Clara Iannotta: »A Failed Entertainment« for string quartet (2013)
Jieun Jun: »String Quartet« (2012/13)
Liza Lim: »Hell« for string quartet (1992)
Francesca Verunelli: »Unfolding II« for string quartet (2021)

Kairos Quartett
Jieun Jun, composer, Meet the Composer Talk (only on June 25, 2023)

51% is dedicated to the music by female composers. This is still not a matter of course today, even though 51% of the world’s population is female. The Kairos Quartet has been including more and more music by female composers for years, but in this programme they will get their money’s worth for once. So it’s not about social commitment or the ghetto for female composers, but there are so many incredibly great compositions that we could develop many programmes with them. That’s why “Fantastic Music by Women Composers” is a work-in-progress. It was presented on 18 March, 2023, at the Cottbus State Theatre for the first time with literature by women, and Liza Lim’s first quartet Hell will be added as a purely musical programme in the Elisabeth-Church in Berlin on 25.6.2023. On 4.11.2023 in Aachen and on 27.2.2024 in Berlin (BKA, Unerhörte Musik), the programme continued to develop.