• 27.02.2024
    8 p.m.
    Berlin (DE)
    51% - Phantastic Music by Women Composers III
    Unerhörte Musik

    Larisa Vrhunc [*1967]  •  Vertical for string quartet [2015]

    Francesca Verunelli [*1979]  •  Unfolding II for string quartet  [2012, rev. 2021]

    Clara Iannotta [*1983]  •  A Failed Entertainment [2013]

    Jieun Jun [*1988]  •   String Quartet  [2012/2013]

  • 2018-11-02
    Conservatory of Music
    Shanghai (CN)
    Gastspiel in Shanghai

    Workshop on Contemporary Playing Techniques

  • 2018-11-01
    Conservatory of Music
    Shanghai (CN)
    Lecture Recital

    Iannis Xenakis (1922-2001)  •  st/4 – 1,080262 [1955-62]

    György Kurtág (*1926)  •  Quartetto per archi op. 1 [1959]

    Brian Ferneyhough (*1943)  •  Streichquartett Nr. 2 [1980]

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  Streichquartett Nr. 2 [1998]

  • 2018-10-30
    Conservatory of Music
    Shanghai (CN)
    Gastspiel in Shanghai
    Extended playing techniques on string instruments in current music

    Special requirements of the performer, perception of time, meter, and tempo/rhythm, notation (result or action)
    Timbre (incl. Estrada), Articulation, Pizzicato, Vibrato
    Extended techniques and auxiliary tools

  • 29.10.2018
    Conservatory of Music
    Shanghai (CN)
    Gastspiel in Shanghai

    with members of the Kairos Quartet

    Intro and Welcome
    Purposes and Issues of Notation in New Music
    Spectral Intonation
    Lines of Tradition and New Complexity

  • 08.09.2018
    Villa Elisabeth
    Berlin (DE)
    Materia Prima
    Materia Prima

    Materia Prima, eine Veranstaltung im Rahmen des "Monats der zeitgenössischen Musik" der Initiative für Neue Musik in Berlin (D)


    Giorgio Netti (*1963)  •  ) place (  (aus: ciclo dell' assedio) [2001]


    Martin Daske (*1962) •  Foliant 15 für Streichquartett [1989]

    •  Foliant für Blockflötenquartett [2018] (UA)


    Markus Wettstein (*1963) •  tinwood constructions für Blockflötentrio und gestrichene Metallobjekte [1917/18]


    More on Facebook  inm / field notes  and   Wordpress


    Kairos Quartett


    Wolfgang Bender und

    Stefan Häussler – alternierende Violinen

    Simone Heilgendorff – Viola

    Claudius von Wrochem – Violoncello


    Miako Klein – Blockflöte

    Karolina Bäter – Blockflöte

    Julia Andres – Blockflöte


  • 04.09.2018
    Berlin (DE)
    Insel-Idyll, Sur message und Yu'u
    Unerhörte Musik
    Inseln-Idyll, sur message. Und Yu’u

    Unerhörte Musik


    Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler       

    - Und: nicht vergessen! –für Viola und Violoncello   UA


    Margarete Huber

    Rituals in Outer Spacefür Viola und Zuspiel   2014


    Rainer Rubbert

                      Idyllenfür Viola und Violoncello  1987                 

    1.     Calmo

    2.     Inquieto

    3.     Adagio

    4.     Aggressivo

    5.     Molto lento



    Frédéric Pattar

                      Sur le filfür Viola und Violoncello  2002   DEA


    Julio Estrada

                      Yuunohui’yei op.E.18c für Violoncello solo   1983


    Max E. Keller

                      Inselnfür Viola und Violoncello  2002


    Mike Flemming – Viola /// Claudius von Wrochem – Violoncello

  • 12.08.2018
    Kunsthalle Møn
    Møn (DK)
    Kairos Quartett in der Kunsthalle Møn (DK)

    John Cage (1912-1992)  •  Thirty Pieces for String Quartet [1983]


    Kunsthalle Moen

  • 2018-08-11
    8 pm
    Moen (DK)
    Kairos Quartet on Moen (DK)

    Morton Feldman (1926-1987)  •  Structures [1951]

    Terry Fox (1943-2008)  •  Berlino realized by Arnold Dreyblatt

    Julio Estrada (*1943)  •  Yuunohui'ensemble op. E.18n [1983-1990]

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  String Quartet No. 2 [1998]

  • 30.05.2018
    11 - 12:30 a.m.
    Stari trg 34, Univerza dvorana
    Ljubljana (SI)
    Workshop at the Music Academy
    The Studio for Contemporary Music at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana presents a
    Workshop on
    1) Intonation in contemporary music, with examples by Haas and Ferneyhough
    2) Notation and extended playing techniques in contemporary music, with examples by Lachenmann, Cage and others
    with Simone Heilgendorff (VIola) and Claudius von Wrochem (Cello) of the Kairos Quartet
    The Berlin-based Kairos string quartet performs landmark compositions written after 1950 and pioneering music of today. They have worked closely with many of today’s leading composers, including Haas, Lachenmann, Ferneyhough, Steen-Andersen and performed at most major European new music festivals. They are especially noted for their close relationship with Haas, one of today’s leading composers.
    The workshops are intended for composers and string players, as well as anyone interested in extended string instrument techniques commonly found in contemporary music. Students wishing to actively participate may do so free of charge and should contact Asst. Steven Loy (Steven [dot] Loy [at] ag [dot] uni-lj [dot] si) by 5 PM Friday, May 25, 2018.
  • 2018-05-29
    Ljubljana (SI)
    Slowind Frühlingsfestival / Spring Festival
    Affinitive Actions
    < ... da un Divertimento >

    Wieland Hoban (b. 1978): Rules of Engagement II: Al-Shifa (2014) for string quartet and fixed media

    Simon Steen-Andersen (b. 1976): Study for string instruments #2 (2009) for string trio and whammy pedal

    Conrado del Rosario (b. 1958): Rondeaux: On Floating Bridges (1992) for clarinet, bassoon, horn, violins, viola, violoncello and double bass

    Lorenzo Troiani (b. 1989): Sanguinante. In nomine (2017) for string quartet

    Salvatore Sciarrino (b. 1947): …da un Divertimento (1968–1970) for wind quintet, string quartet and double bass

    Kairos Quartett
    Stefan Häussler – violin (alternating)
    Wolfgang Bender – violin (alternating)
    Simone Heilgendorff – viola
    Claudius von Wrochem – violoncello

    Aleš Kacjan – flöte
    Matej Šarc – oboe
    Jurij Jenko – klarinette
    Jože Rošer – horn
    Paolo Calligaris – fagott

    Miha Firšt – kontrabass

    Metod Tomac – Dirigent

  • 2018-05-28
    8 p.m.
    Ljubljana (SI)
    Slowind Spring Festival
    Affinitive Actions
    < Interieur >


    Programme:                            Link to the Festival

    Aurel G. Stroe (1932–2008): Quintandre (Hommage à Varèse) (1984) for wind quintet
    Xiaoyong Chen (b. 1955): String Quartet No. 3 (2011)
    * * * *
    Georg Friedrich Haas (b. 1953): String Quartet No. 5 (2007)
    Sebastian Stier (b. 1970): Intérieur (1993) for flute, oboe, clarinet, violins, viola, violoncello and double bass
    Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007): Treffpunkt (Aus den sieben Tagen) [1968]


    Kairos Quartett
    Stefan Häussler – violin
    Wolfgang Bender – violin
    Simone Heilgendorff – viola
    Claudius von Wrochem – violoncello

    Aleš Kacjan – flute
    Matej Šarc – oboe
    Jurij Jenko – clarinet
    Metod Tomac – horn, conductor
    Paolo Calligaris – bassoon

    Miha Firšt – double bass

    Intérieur [de la musique] combines spatial compositions by composers of international standing for wind quintet (Birtwistle) and for string quartet (Haas) with the East Asian sonar beauty of Xiaoyong Chen's 3rd String Quartet and the darker microtonal harmonies of Intérieur by Stier.

  • 20.02.2018
    BKA Mehringdamm
    Berlin (DE)
    Unerhörte Musik
    - Aktuelle Fundstücke -

    Christian Ofenbauer (*1961)  •  Bruchstück IX. Vierter Streichquartettsatz [2010] 
    Song Ah Park (*1983)  •  Vier Bäume [2017]
    Song Yang (*1985)  •  Der Sprung ins kalte Wasser [2017]
    Claudius von Wrochem (*1965)  •  Gans Nackt für eine(n) Improvisationsmusiker(in) und summende Streicher  [2018]  UA


    Wieland Hoban (*1978)  •  Hora'ot Pticha Be'esh [2013-14] 
    Lorenzo Troiani (*1989)  •  Sanguinante. In nomine [2017] 
    Wieland Hoban (*1978)  •  Rules of Engagement II: Al-Shifa for string quartet & fixed media [2014]  UA

    Kairos Quartett                         Johannes v. Wrochem, E-Gitarre
       Wolfgang Bender • Violinen
       Stefan Häussler • (alternierend)
       Simone Heilgendorff • Viola
       Claudius v. Wrochem • Violoncello

    Kartenverkauf und -reservierung / Tickets & reservation

  • 2017-10-14
    Tretjakov Galleries
    Moscow (RU)
    Moscow Debut

    Nov. 13, 2017 Reception at the German Embassy

    The Kairos Quartet performs Strawinsky and Schubert


    Nov. 14, 2017 Opening of the El-Lissitzky Exhibition at Tretjakow Galleries

    Sergej Newski (*1972) Fotografie und Berührung - SQ No.1 [2000] <Moscow Premiere>
    Morton Feldman (1926-1987) Structures [1951]
    Igor Strawinsky (1882-1971) Three Pieces for String Quartet [1918]

  • 2017-10-28
    8 pm
    Villa Elisabeth
    Berlin (DE)
    Sonifikation Festival
    Sounding Data Streams

    Premieres of Open Call Returns and Kairos Quartet repertoire as well as sonifications from the new music scene e.g. topographic data of the Berlin Wall, cello vibrations, GPS data

    Iannis Xenakis (1922‐2001), st/4 – 1,080262 (1955‐62)
    for String Quartet

    Lula Romero „Dérive“ 2017, (Premier)
    for String Quartet and Live Electronics in “Dérive” with GPS‐Data of the composer as flâneuse in public space

    Luc Döbereiner, „Resolution“, 2017, (Premier)
    for Cello, Transducer and Live‐Electronics

    Knut Müller „Thorn“, 1996
    for String Quartet

    Martin Iddon „Mohl ip“, 2010
    for String Quartet

    / / / BREAK / / /

    Terry Fox, “Berlin Wall Scored for Sound”, (1980‐88)
    interpreted and realized as an instrumental version for String Quartet by Arnold Dreyblatt, 2017

    ZKM‐Selection: Marcus Schmickler „The Bonn Paternization“, 200

    bgnm website  –  sonification website

  • 2017-09-23
    7 p.m.
    St. Matthäuskirche at Kulturforum
    Berlin (DE)

    Kairos Quartet Recital

    with senior high school students from the music gymnasium C. Ph. E. Bach, Berlin, tutor: Dr. Jens Renger

    Larisa Vrhunc (*1967)  •  Vertical. Concerto grosso for string quartet and various performers [2015] <German Premiere of the Concerto Grosso version>
    Marina Khorkova (*1981)  •  String Quartet No. 2 with Toy Piano–tape [2016] <WP>
    Giorgio Netti (*1963)  •  tête for Cello and recorded voice (ciclo dell' assedio) [2008/09]
    Simon Steen-Andersen (*1976)  •  Study #2 für Streichinstrumente und Whammy-Pedal [2011]
    Giacinto Maria Scelsi
    (1905-1988)  •  3rd String Quartet [1963]

    ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT are twin programmes; ZOOM OUT took already place on May 25 as part of the cultural programme accompanying the Deutsche Evangelische Kirchentag 2017.

    ZOOM IN entices the listener to delve into the private and intimate aspects of sound. We will begin our recital with the Concerto Grosso Version of Vertical written for the Kairos Quartet by the Slovenian composer Larisa Vrhunc, supported by performers of the music gymnasium. Thus the quartet sound is being magnified. On goes the audio guide through aleatoric and every-day sounds compiled for this rendition at the start of the concert by the quartet members, leads over to Netti's unique Cello–Rap accompanying Alberto Giacometti's pre-recorded voice. Steen-Andersen's Quartet zooms very close to bow-hair and stick at work, characterized by specially prepared bows. Finally, we go to timeless and magical Scelsi. As most of Scelsi's work, his third string quartet is based on improvisations on the ondiola, an early electronic keyed instrument, recorded on tapes and edited, then realized for string quartet by Vieri Tosatti.

    Thanks to the Berlin Marathon you can reach our venue only as a pedestrian, by bike, or by public transport.

    Supported by the initiative neue musik berlin e.V. as part of the Month of Contemporary Music.

  • 2017-08-13
    Tent at the dyke
    Varel (DE)
    Chamber Music Days at Varel Harbour

    Kairos Quartet Recital with the Winners of the 2017 Vareler Composition Award

    György Kurtág  •  Quartetto per archi op. 1 [1959]
    Song Ah Park  •  Vier Bäume [Four Trees] <WP> - 1st Prize
    Lorenzo Troiani  •  Sanguinante. In nomine [The Bloodthirsty One. In the name of] <UA> - 2nd Prize
    Song Yang  •  Der Sprung ins kalte Wasser [The Jump Into the Deep End] <UA> - 3rd Prize
    Franz Schubert  •  Quartettsatz in c minor  D 703 ph [1820]
    Georg Friedrich Haas  •  String Quartet No. 2 [1998]

  • 2017-05-25
    4 pm
    St. Matthäikirche, Kulturforum (between Neue Nationalgalerie and Philharmonie
    Berlin (DE)
    Cultural programme of the Kirchentag 2017 – SHOW YOURSELF!

    2:00-3:30 Workshop for participants of the Kirchentag who are interested to join the Kairos Quartet for the first piece in their recital (see below) using their voices, their own instruments, or instruments made available by the Kairos Quartet for those who don't feel like vocalizing; no charge, no reading of sheet music, no particular music skills required. Stockhausen's concept piece is just a few lines of text. All we expect from our participants is openness and interest in a common experience.

    16:00 start of the recital

    Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007) • Aus den sieben Tagen: Richtige Dauern [1968] Workshop participants with members of the Kairos Quartet
    Julio Estrada (*1943) • Canto mnémico. Fugue in 4 Dimensions [1973/83] 5'30''
    John Cage (1912-1992) • Twenty [Thirty] Pieces for String Quartet [1983] 20’
    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953) • String Quartet No. 5 [2007] 22' German Premiere
    Knut Müller (*1963) • Thorn [1996] 9'

    Supported by the initiative neue musik Berlin e.V.

    18:00 Church service with the Kairos Quartet

    György Kurtág (*1926) • from Quartetto per archi op.1
    Julio Estrada (*1943) • Canto mnémico. Fugue in 4 Dimensions [1973/83]

    The idea of this programme is to direct the focus of the audience to the over-all shape of the music presented and to compress all these many details as if one were viewing a map from a distance. So we looked for compositions with distinct "topographies": some were characterized by significant pauses or cuts (Haas, Müller), by a kind of tectonic construction (Cage, sporting three material levels, all in constant and independent motion), or by stressing the individual voice rather than the collective (Cage, Estrada). The audience will experience the concert from within as the musicians are positioned around the audience in all but the last piece of the programme. In combination with the workshop we aim to give everyone the feeling of being an active and integral part of the event as opposed to being a mere listener.

    When we finally sit together as one would expect from a string quartet we will perform a piece which is inspired by a story by Lars Gustafson. It consists of one chord, often camouflages or performed in part, sometimes vanished. Whith glissandos constantly in flow one looses one's firm ground – until one recognizes it in the flow itself: omnis fluit / παντα ρει

  • 2017-04-03
    8 pm
    Berlin (DE)
    Kairos Quartet at Konzerthaus Berlin
    2xhören / listen twice – contemporary
    G.F. Haas: String Quartet No. 2

    Haas' string quartet No. 2 is the most-performed piece in the repertory of the Kairos Quartet approaching its 40th performance resp. production. Originally written for the Austrian Hagen Quartet who have since adopted the term "Haas intonation" for anything spectral it quickly became a staple composition for the Kairos Quartet who had already performed the much more demanding First String Quartet of 1997; incidentally, both works have been released with critical acclaim on CD (Edition zeitklang).

    Haas on his Second: "My 2nd string quartet combines tonal, seemingly historicizing sound elements with microtonal shifts, the expansion and compression of time, and partly virtuoso, scintillating sounds. Time and again tradition shines through its fabric – but it is perceived as lost, distant, and dimmed...

    Link to venue

  • 2017-03-15
    7 p.m.
    ARGE Studio
    Salzburg (AT)
    INCORPORATE AND TRANSFORM – Composer's Portrait: Christian Ofenbauer
    Lecture with Live-Music and Discussion

    ARGE Studio, Ulrike-Gschwandtner-Straße 5, 5020 Salzburg

    BruchStück IX for string quartet
    BruchStück VI (1995) for piano
    BruchStück X (2015) for piano und string quartet
    Kairos Quartet (Berlin)
    Jan Gerdes piano
    Moderation Simone Heilgendorff

    This is an event in cooperation with ARGEkultur, kindly supported by "Campus Musick"

    Christian Ofenbauer  (born in Carinthia in 1961, composer and organist) has served as a professor of harmony and counterpoint at the University Mozarteum in Salzburg since 2001.

    Reservation/Ticketing: ingeborg [dot] schrems [at] sbg [dot] ac [dot] at / +43 662 8044 2380

    Informationen: W&K Forum Uni Salzburg, vermittlung-zeitgenoessischer-musik / facebook

  • 14.01.2017
    Gare du Nord
    Basel (CH)
    IGNM Basel
    L'apparitions des traces

    Marina Khorkova (*1981)  •  Streichquartett Nr. 2 mit Toy Piano–Zuspiel [2016] UA / WP

    Sampo Haapamäki (*1979)  •  Connection [2007] 12' EA / Swiss Premiere

    Giorgio Netti (*1963)  •  ) place (  (ciclo dell' assedio) [2001] 27'
        for prepared strings

    Kairos Quartett Berlin

  • 2016-11-30
    Académie de Berlin, French Embassy
    Berlin (DE)
    Preisverleihung mit Musik
    Preisverleihung an die Schriftstellerin und Übersetzerin Cécile Wajsbrot

    Enno Poppe (*1969)  •  Zwölf [2014]
    György Ligeti (1923-2006)  •  Sonate für Violoncello solo [1948-53]

    Claudius von Wrochem, Cello

  • 23.10.2016
    Berlin (DE)
    #vWro*2 improvisiert im NOISEBERG


    Oppelner Str. 12
    10997 Berlin – Kreuzberg

  • 13.10.2016
    Atelier Astrid Rieder im Künstlerhaus Salzburg
    Salzburg (AT)
    trans-Art: Drawings and Improvisation

    Astrid Rieger – Visual Artist

    Simone Heilgendorff – Viola
    Claudius von Wrochem – Cello

    Organized by trans-Art in cooperation with ConTempOhr this
    performance is financially supported by CampusMusick

    You can watch the whole performance here.

  • 22.08.2016
    Madame Claude
    Berlin (DE)
    #vWro*2 improvisiert im Madame Claude

    This is our official debut gig. We perform on electric guitar (8string), cello and vocals. We, that is:

    Johannes and Claudius von Wrochem

    #vWro2 takes a guitar with too many strings attached, a cello that can’t keep its mouth shut,
    and a number of small things to distract YOU and make us happy. We will certainly be surprised, you may be, too:
    Music is a vast place, and we have been at a fair number of interesting spots in the past

    Lübbener Str. 19 - 10997 Berlin
    U-Bahn: Schlesisches To

  • 2016-05-31
    8 pm
    Slowenische Philharmonie, Dvorana Marjana Kozine
    Ljubljana (SI)
    3. Slowind–Frühling 2016
    Slowind Quintet and Kairos Quartet

    György Ligeti (Hungary)   Ten Pieces for wind quintet 
    Federico Gardella (Italy)   Nebbiæ   for fl (alto fl), cl (bass cl), vn, vla, vcl
    Tošio Hosokava (Japan)   Singing Garden  for fl, ob, hf, pno, vn in vcl
    György Kurtág (Hungary)   Quartetto per archi
    Larisa Vrhunc (Slovenia)    Vertical (2015)  Concerto grosso for string quartet and various performers

  • 2016-05-30
    5 pm
    Slowenische Philharmonie, Dvorana Marjana Kozine
    Ljubljana (SI)
    3rd Slowind Spring 2016
    Slowind Quintet and Kairos Quartet
    Young Composers Forum I

    New windquintets of young slovenian composers ... and
    Sergej Newski (*1972)  •  Fotografie und Berührung. String Quartet No. 1 [2000] slovenian premiere

  • 30.05.2016
    8 pm
    Slowenische Philharmonie, Dvorana Marjana Kozine
    Ljubljana (SI)
    3rd Slowind Spring 2016
    Slowind Quintet and Kairos Quartet
    Young Composers Forum II

    Isamu Kanai (Japonska)   Evento plastico (2015)   for wind quintet
    Sampo Haapamäki (Finska)    Connection (2007)   for string quartet
    David Veber (Slovenija) NAJBOLJ PRIMERNA SKLADBA OD SLOVENCEV for wind quintet
    Marina Khorkova (Rusija)    String Quartet (2010)  for string quartet
    Diego Ramos Rodriguez (Španija)   Inventio (2015)  for wind quintet

  • 2015-12-12
    Mozarteum, Solitär
    Salzburg (AT)
    Kairos Quartett in Salzburg (II)
    in Kooperation mit / in cooperation with: ConTempOhr

    Werke von Kompositionsstudierenden des Mozarteums für Streichquartett und Klavier
    Compositions of Mozarteum students for string quartet and piano

    Kairos Quartett und Jan Gerdes (Klavier), Berlin

    Administrative Leitung: Prof. Christian Ofenbauer

  • 2015-12-11
    time to be announced
    Mozarteum, Solitär
    Salzburg (AT)
    Öffentliche Proben / Public Rehearsals
    in Kooperation mit / in cooperation with ConTempOhr

    Werke von Kompositionsstudierenden des Mozarteums für Streichquartett und Klavier
    Compositions of Mozarteum students for string quartet and piano

    Programm und Zeiten werden kurzfristig angekündigt. Freier Eintritt.
    Schedule to be announced on short notice. Free access.

    Kairos Quartett und Jan Gerdes (Klavier), Berlin
    Administrative Leitung: Prof. Christian Ofenbauer

  • 2015-12-10
    ab 18:00 Uhr
    Mozarteum, Solitär
    Salzburg (AT)
    Öffentliche Proben / Public Rehearsals
    in Kooperation mit / in cooperation with ConTempOhr

    Werke von Kompositionsstudierenden des Mozarteums für Streichquartett und Klavier
    Compositions of Mozarteum students for string quartet and piano

    Programm und Zeiten werden kurzfristig angekündigt. Freier Eintritt.
    Schedule to be announced on short notice. Free access.

    Kairos Quartett und Jan Gerdes (Klavier), Berlin
    Administrative Leitung: Prof. Christian Ofenbauer

  • 2015-11-03
    Berliner Kabarett Anstalt (BKA)
    Berlin (DE)
    Kairos im BKA
    Unerhörte Musik

    Sergej Newski (*1972)  •  Fotografie und Berührung. Streichquartett Nr. 2 [2000]
    Larisa Vrhunc (*1967)  •  N.N. [2015]  Uraufführung / World Premiere
    Marina Khorkova (*1981)  •  string quartet [2010]
    Sampo Haapamäki (*1979)  •  Connection [2007]

  • 2015-10-25
    Köln/Cologne (DE)
    Studio Recording for CD
    Produktion für WERGO-Porträt von
    Marina Khorkova

    Marina Khorkova (*1981)  •  string quartet [2010]

  • 2015-10-20
    ConTempOhr, Solitär im Mozarteum
    Salzburg (AT)
    Kairos in Salzburg (I) SHIMMERING

    Larisa Vrhunc (*1967)  •  Vertical / Navpično [2015]  WP (including Concerto Grosso Nuovo music mediation project)
    Marina Khorkova (*1981)  •  string quartet [2010]
    Sergej Newski (*1972)  •  Fotografie und Berührung (Photography and Touch, SQ No.1) [2000]  Austrian Premiere
    Sampo Haapamäki (*1979)  •  Connection [2007]

    with the participation of Mozarteum students


    Links to the Concert resp. Workshop

  • 2015-07-11
    HGNM, Joseph-Joachim-Saal
    Hanover (DE)
    Amidst total darkness, surrounded by a string quartet

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  In iij. Noct. – String Quartet No. 3 [2001]


    The Kairos Quartet gave the world premiere of In iij. Noct. at the Klangspuren 2002 and championed this remarkable work ever since, resulting in 20 more performances throughout Europe and in Mexico.

    Two of them also coached student string quartets for performances at the Hochschule Lucerne; three of Haas' string quartets including In iij. Noct. were performed at the Weingarten Days of New Music 2006.




    In iij. Noct. is performed in Hanover for the first time. It needs the complete absence of light while the string quartet is positionened in the four corners around the audience playing 45 – 60 minutes from memory. It also needs a very quiet and supporting audience, and it needs a hall with acoustical properties that make it possible to always tell from which corner a sound travelled.

  • 2015-06-20
    Berlin (DE)
    Fragmente – Stille

    Luciano Berio (1925-2003)  •  Notturno (Quartetto III) für Streichquartett [1986/93]
    Luigi Nono (1924-1990)  •  Fragmente - Stille, An Diotima [1979/80]

  • 2015-05-29
    Galerie P. Ebensperger (ex Krematorium Wedding)
    Berlin, Plantagenstr. 30 (DE)
    Urban Acoustic Tribes

    John Zorn (*1953)  •  The Dead Man 13 specimen for string quartet [1990]
    Morton Feldman (1926–1987)  •  Structures [1951]
    Oğuz Büyükberber (*1970)  •  Don’t Faint with video [2015] URAUFFÜHRUNG*
    Orm Finnendahl (*1963)  •  Fälschung (Fake) für Streichquartett, Ghettoblaster und Live-Elektronik [2003]
    Giacinto Maria Scelsi (1905–1988)  •  3. Streichquartett [1963]

    Kairos Quartett
    Markus Bongartz – Elektronik/Technik

    Die Uraufführung wurde ermöglicht von der ausKlang KG (Wolfgang Gribb)

    facebook bgnm – berliner gesellschaft für neue musik

  • 2015-05-08
    10 a.m.
    Mozarteum, R 4006
    Salzburg (AT)
    Presentation and Workshop
    ... in view of new student compositions for strings and piano to be premiered in December
    by the Cellist of the Kairos Quartet


    1. Part – Presentation and discussion of general and ubiquitous problems of Notation for strings accompanied by concrete examples
    2. Part – Participants' questions and practical try-outs

    Free Admission for passive participants

  • 2015-04-22
    6 p.m.
    Berlin (DE)
    The Block
    70th obit of Käthe Kollwitz


    Paintings, Video Art and Music Performance – Concept by Andrea Conrad
    Paintings – Gunnar Conrad
    Musical Concept and Performance – Claudius von Wrochem

    Since 2013 THE BLOCK confronts Kollwitz’ emotions and nightmares which – placed at the crossroads of two world wars – speak to us in surreal imagery of her artistic development up to her larger–than–life sculpture "Trauerndes Elternpaar" (Grieving Parents) which is located in Vladslo / Belgium. In 1914 Kollwitz' son parted from her for the Belgian front to die a little later in Flanders.

    consists of nine cycles, each starting from her diaries ... and including workshops with teenagers from the State of Brandenburg.
    This performance at the Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum Berlin is the 4th cycle in preparation of a staged multimedia performance to come.
Andrea Conrad works at places steeped in German and European history. She curates the European project PHYSIS for interdisciplinary art, process oriented and conceptual work in Greece and Italy.

  • 21.10.2014
    Kunstquartier Bergstr. 12
    Salzburg (AT)
    Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft und Kunst: Eröffnung der neuen Programmbereiche
    Vorstellung der neuen Programmbereiche

    "ConTempOhr. Mediating Contemporary Music – Vermittlung zeitgenösssicher Musik", einer der neuen Programmbereiche am Schwerpunkt Wissenschaft und Kunst (Kooperation der Uni Salzburg/PLUS und des Mozarteum/MOZ) stellt sich mit den beiden Partnerbereichen (Polemische Kunst, Cultural Porduction) vor. Er wird geleitet von Simone Heilgendorff (PLUS), Martin Losert (MOZ) und Katarzyna Grebosz-Haring (PLUS).

    Feierliche Eröffnung mit

    Xiaoyong Chen (*1955)  •  Streichtrio [1987/88]
    Julio Estrada (*1943)  •  Yuunohui'ensemble [1983-90]


    Offenes Haus

    mit Mitgliedern des Kairos Quartetts, Martin Losert (Sax), Jörg Schweinbenz (Klav.)

  • 13.10.2014
    Alte Oper
    Frankfurt/M. (DE)
    Gastbeitrag zu 40 Jahre Junge Deutsche Philharmonie
    Ein Haus voller Musik

    Die Junge Deutsche Philharmonie feiert und hat ihre ehemaligen Mitglieder, zu denen auch die Bratschistin des Kairos Quartetts Simone Heilgendorff gehört, eingeladen, mit ihren Ensembles zum Fest beizutragen.

    Unser Auftritt mit dem Sechsten Streichquartett von Georg Friedrich Haas musste kurzfristig ausfallen.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    The German Student Orchestra is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a house full of music and has invited its former members and their ensembles to join. Our violist, Simone Heilgendorff who served in the orchestra during her studies brings the Kairos Quartet along for Georg Friedrich Haas' String Quartet No. 6.

    Our performance was cancelled. Sorry for the short notice!

  • 2014-10-10
    Bremen (DE)
    Konzert in der Dunkelheit

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  In iij. Noct. – String Quartet No. 3 [2001]

    This concert takes place in total darkness.

  • 2014-06-21
    2-6 p.m.
    Dundalk Louth (IE)
    Dundalk MusiCircus
    John Cage : MusiCircus
    curated by Eamonn Quinn

    Music Circus A House full of Music

    The Kairos Quartet will contribute:

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  String Quartet No. 2 [1998]
    John Cage (1912-1992)  •  Thirty Pieces for String Quartet [1983]

  • 2014-06-20
    8 p.m.
    Dundalk Gaol
    Dundalk Louth (IE)
    Dundalk (I)
    Composer's Portrait : Alvin Lucier

    Sounds in Space

    John Cage : Ryoanji
    Manuel Zurria (Fl) and Richard O’Donnell (Perc)

    Eliane Radigue : Occam * WP
    Carol Robinson (Bass clarinet)


    Alvin Lucier : Navigation for strings
    Kairos Quartet

    Alvin Lucier : 13 degrees of darkness – EU premiere
    Manuel Zurria (Fl with tape)

    Alvin Lucier : I am sitting in a room.
    Alvin Lucier


    Kairos Quartet Irish Debut

  • 2014-04-16
    8:15 p.m.
    Osterfestival, Salzlager, Saline 18
    Hall in Tirol (AT)
    Easter Festival

    Dieter Schnebel (*1930)  •  Erinnern, Wiederholen, Durcharbeiten (Remembering, Repeating, Working through) [2006/7] Austrian Premiere
    Franz Schubert (1797-1828)  •  Quartettsatz [1820]

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  In iij. Noct. – String Quartet No. 3 [2001]


    The second part of the recital will take place in total darkness.

    Osterfestival Homepage

  • 2014-04-12
    Tampere Biennale
    Tampere (FI)
    Tampere Biennale (II)
    Music and the Visual

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  In iij. Noct. – String Quartet No. 3 [2001]

    This performance will take place in total darkness.

  • 2014-04-04
    Tampere Biennale
    Tampere (FI)
    Tampere Biennale (I)
    Music and the Visual

    Sampo Haapamäki (*1979)  •  Connection for string quartet [2007]

    Reading Silent Film As A Score: Films by Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp
    musical concepts by the Kairos Quartet

  • 19.10.2013
    nemos - Gesellschaft für neue Musik Oberschwaben e.V., Alte Spohnhalle
    Ravensburg (DE)
    In iij. Noct.

    Konzert in totaler Dunkelheit / Recital in Total Darkness

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953)  •  In iij. Noct. – Streichquartett Nr. 3 [2001]

  • 2013-10-07
    Venice Biennale, Sala delle Colonne di Cà Giustinian
    Venice (IT)
    Biennale di Venezia
    Marino Baratello (1951) String Quartet n. 2. Danza di Hagoromo [2011]
    Michele dall’Ongaro (1957) Quartet n. 6 [2011-2012]
    David Robert Rusconi (1976) De Arte Respirandi [2010] Italian Premiere
    Giampaolo Coral (1944-2011) Raps XI for String Quartet [1989/rev. 1991] Italian Premiere
    Georg Friedrich Haas (1953) String Quartet n. 2 [1998]
    Programme of the Biennale
  • 28.09.2013
    Markthalle Muskauer Str.
    Berlin (DE)

    John Cage  •  MusiCircus

    Umzug vom / procession from Lausitzer Platz to Markthalle

    Dort spielen u.a. / Upon arrival (among others):

    Simone Heilgendorff, Viola
    Claudius von Wrochem, Jap-Fiddle, Cello

    Claudius von Wrochem (*1965)  •  Rotationsszene für Jap-Fiddle und stationäres Publikum [2010] 8'
                                                       Rotating Performer on the Jap-Fiddle surrounded by stationary audience

    John Cage (1912-1992)  •  Atlas eclipticales [1961] Stimmen / parts Cello 2 und Viola 6

  • 2013-09-19
    Konzerthaus, Werner-Otto-Saal
    Berlin (DE)
    On the Sound Path (III)

    International Concert Project on Identity, Technology, and Tradition

    Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953) • String Quartet No. 4 w/ Live Electronics [2003] First German Performance
    Marco Stroppa (*1959) • Spirali per quartetto d’archi “proiettato” nello spazio [1987-88]
    Roberto David Rusconi (*1976) • De Imago (Materia) Sonora. Fourth String Quartet [2012] First German Performance

    Experimental Studio of the SWR
    Thomas Hummel and Simon Spillner (sound projection)

    Carlo Laurenzi (Electronic Gestures of Spirali)

    Website of Konzerthaus Berlin