4 p.m.
Kings Place
On The Sound Path (I)
International Concert Project on Identity, Technology, and Tradition
1st instalment of: Music in the Space Time Continuum

Georg Friedrich Haas (*1953) • String Quartet No. 4 w/ Live Electronics [2003]
Marco Stroppa (*1959) • Spirali per quartetto d’archi “proiettato” nello spazio [1987-88]
Roberto David Rusconi (*1976) • De Imago (Materia) Sonora [2012] WP

Experimental Studio of the SWR
Thomas Hummel and Simon Spillner (sound projection)

Marco Stroppa (Live Electronics of Spirali)

Accompanied by a workshop with Roberto D. Rusconi

Introduction by BBC 3 Journalist Ed McKeon

Review in The Guardian by Andrew Clements