Alexa Renger is a German violinist, violin teacher and painter with a focus on contemporary music and interdisciplinary improvisation. She studied violin and instrumental pedagogy at the Berlin University of the Arts with Kolja Blacher, Uwe-Martin Haiberg and Ulrich Mahlert, as well as free painting with Lemcke and Peter Müller, among others. After her studies, she formed the quartet KLAR I VIER TETES with Ernst Surberg (piano), Martin Seemann (viola) and Stefan Schultz (clarinet), which was dedicated to the performance of New Music from 1996 to 1998. In 1998, she began teaching at the district music school in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg. In 2008 she founded the trio XelmYa with Sylvia Hinz (recorders) and Marika Gejrot (violoncello), of which she was a member until 2021. Composers from all over the world have written new works especially for XelmYa, which have been premiered in Germany and many other countries. The trio has also sought collaboration with dancers, visual artists and other musicians. From 2020 onwards, Alexa Renger realised interdisciplinary projects for solo violin, especially with visual artists such as Carola Czempik in Berlin and Christiane Wartenberg in Oderbruch. Alexa Renger has performed at festivals in Colombia, Mexico, the USA and Iran, as well as in many European countries. She has been playing in the Kairos Quartet since September 2022.
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